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The KLD VISION: Building Leaders, Helping Churches, Energizing Business

The KLD MISSION: TEACH Biblical leadership. Produce powerful and useful resources.

The KLD PURPOSE: Inspire, instruct and encourage true success.




Pam Ross is an inspirational leader, trainer, project manager and change agent with the ability to connect to diverse audiences. As a gifted communicator, she utilizes audio, video and print vehicles to engage and drive people and organizations forward.

Currently, Pam is director of Leadership Development, Communications and Community Relations at Family Christian Center, Munster, IN, a culturally diverse church of more than 15,000 congregants. Her motivational leadership has transformed front-line customer service teams, breaking enrollment records and improving overall performance. An author of training and process manuals for multiple departments, Pam teaches leadership courses in both adult education and Cross Bible College.

Previously, Pam was a membership specialist with the Girl Scout organization. She received national awards for increasing membership and advancing programming. Pam was recruited for the board of directors for Gary, IN’s Centennial where she coordinated the city-wide volunteer effort for centennial events.

As a celebrated speaker in both faith-based and corporate arenas, she authored Serving, Leading and Loving, a survival guide for Kingdom Leaders and Mentoring Moments the 1-min blog.

Pam received her education at the University of South Florida and is certified in behavioral analysis from the Institute of Motivational Living. Pam was awarded a PhD in Christian Education from the Institute for Christian Works.

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