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These are some of the most requested teaching topics. We call them our “House Specialties.”

Of course, we will cook to order to meet the needs of your team.

Developing a Spirit of Excellence –  Raise the standard of leadership with these 10 check points of excellence. [Servant, Son, Soldier, Successful, Strong, Sound, Sensible, Secure, Spiritual, Self-controlled] Developed from Leadership Excellence by Phil Pringle. Presented in part or in it’s entirety in multiple sessions.

Serving Leading and Loving –  Based on the powerful teachings of Pam’s first book! This training equips leaders to face the challenges and navigate the course on their leadership journey. Avoid the pitfalls and stay on course! Presented in part or as a leadership school. Make it personal! Get the Personal Development Guide for practical application of these Kingdom Principles.

Extreme Leadership – Sticks and carrots don’t work in the world of volunteer leadership. So what does? We’re not telling…you have to take the workshop! Hospitality and Order: the ultimate balancing act in church leadership.

Kingdom Customer Service – Applying Biblical principles that cause your internal and external customer service to reflect your organization’s core values. Presented in one session.

Mentoring – When is a good leader great? When he’s mentoring someone else. Get what you need to be fruitful and multiply.
Team building Adding people to your team and team to your people for maximum results. Presented in one or multiple sessions.

Time Management – Take command of your clock and your calendar, get the right things. Composite of clock and calendar done at the right time will decrease stress and increase productivity. Presented in one or multiple sessions.

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