The Mentoring Mandate is a Self-guided Personal Development Program for People of Faith.

COMING SOON, the online version of The Mentoring Mandate!

This innovative program will accommodate a global audience of both men and women, (that’s right guys, we heard you!) to build the “7 Pillars” of their lives.

Our team of certified personal development coaches has worked diligently to produce an interactive curriculum bringing success and progress to your personal leadership.

Set goals for your Personal development, Spiritual formation, Social skills, Family legacy, Business advancement, Financial management and Health.

We provide the information and community you need to do what matters most and move your life forward.

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Your Mentoring Mandate Team!

A Word From Dr. Pam

As you may know, I’ve spent nearly 20 years giving the world better leaders.  This program is called “Mandate” because it’s something God has commanded me to do. I also believe it will leverage you to fulfill your divine mandate. The Lord says “This is for the serious, not the curious,” so pray and if you’re ready to commit and invest, let’s grow together.

Success and Progress!


Q: How are the one-on-one sessions conducted

A: Your personal session with Dr. Pam is done in person or via technology.

Q: Why is there an application? Why can’t I just sign up?

A: The application helps us get to know you and prepare to help you meet your goals.

Q: When and where are the live events held?

A: The Live events are hosted in Northwest Indiana, just 30 minutes outside of Chicago. 2017 Round one dates are September 16,  October 14, November 18 and December 16.

Q:  How much does the program cost

A:  The investment is $500.00.  As we say, “Slay the day or Slay for Life!”

Q: What happens at the Dream Do Discover events?

A: Teaching, action, connections, impartation, great food, some laughter, some tears and a lot of learning! Each event is about four hours long and includes a meal. The global participants have a  on-line experience.

From Previous Participants

“The question ‘Who am I‘ was answered after the first session. It forced me to sit down and discover who I really am.”- J. McKnight, Educator, Minister

“I am thankful for the mentoring program at this season of my life because it had brought me to a place of awareness, coverage and focus.”-K. Battle, Entrepreneur

“I am so much better than I was when I stared. I talk more, I’ll ask for help a little bit more.”-D. Cobb, Educator

“Thank you, Dr. Pam for bringing me to the table, through your mentoring I have gained clarity, insight, courage and action plan to move past fears, wondering and doubts.”-L. Campbell, Pastor, Founder of Naomi’s Place

“I thank God for this opportunity, I felt like this was something I needed to do for me. I thank God I made the decision, It’s been life changing for me.”-D. Young, Wife/Mom

“Thank you for being very persistent and patient with me. This has been very good for me and it has opened me up more.”-S. Brown, Entrepreneur and Mentor

“It has been an amazing 6 months. I knew I needed something. Sitting down gave me the opportunity to see me.”-S Shelby, Minister, Busness Owner

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